Any dental professional knows the grind. Whether you're hustling from patient to patient or taking call after call, it's a tough job to handle. 

That's not to add all the external factors that can work against our mental health, too. Namely, a poor morning routine or lack of sleep can make us ill-equipped to handle all the stressful stuff that comes our way. Dr. Shakila Angadi knows this all too well, as she talked about in one of her free training videos on the Dental Hub 360 website.

Shakila believes it's important for us to fortify ourselves with the mental armor we need to deal with the hectic life of being a dental professional. If you're feeling overwhelmed, she has two simple steps that can help you unwire the hectic lifestyle we're often swept up in. 

So, keep reading to learn about the two simple steps for avoiding overwhelm.

1. “Power Up”

Think about your current morning dynamic. Are you getting up, jetting out the door, and filling your mind up with stress? Or are you allowing your mind to get the engine running and absorb values that are important to you early in the day?

A morning ritual is important: we ought to structure our mornings to prime our minds the way athletes do. 

Maybe that means getting up an hour early and doing some meditation. Or reading poetry on the train ride into work. Perhaps you'd prefer bumping to some classical piano tunes on the drive into work. One great method is writing down three things you’re grateful for every morning as you sip a cup of coffee. 

The objective is to get yourself in a prime headspace to transition into the workday. That way, you can ensure you're firing on all cylinders, in your zone, and thriving. 

Alternatively, making an “intention list” is helpful. An intention list makes a set plan for your day. Giving yourself that structure and agenda are super helpful tips worth implementing. It sets you up to be much more likely to achieve objectives you care about. When that happens, you'll feel more fulfilled crawling into bed at the end of the day.

2. “Power Down”

You might feel so overwhelmed by the way work is going. By the time you get to bed, it's easy to feel too swept up in that thinking to just relax and nod off to sleep. That's why we need to not only take moments to power up in the morning but also take moments to power down at night.

The best way to power down is to take 30 minutes to tune out of stimulating things like a phone or thoughts about work or anything stressful. Maybe play some music, put on music, light some candles and take a bath, knit some socks, read a book, or whatever else might work for you.

As dental professionals, it’s too hard to transition into hitting the sack. You need to decompress. Make a list of things that are soothing to you but don’t get you excited. That'll give you a sense of calm without riling you up and making you more bouncy. And keep that list handy: somewhere like your nightstand—a favorite book, scent, album, you name it.  

Don't Deplete Your Brain's Battery

Shakila jokes about thinking of your mind as a phone with a power-on option and a power-down option. On that note, another way to keep yourself powered is by not depleting your brain's battery by taking on too much. 

Utilizing products or services can save you a lot of stress by lessening your workload. VoIP-owned companies, like our partner Mango Voice, are a great form of help. Their services include several integrations that can make your practice run smoother and better.

What Helps You?

If we’re working at the constant rate a dental professional needs to be working, it’s important we’re putting the right stuff in our minds to handle all the stress that comes our way. Once your mind is primed, you’ll be able to handle things better. You get a mental armor that lets you stay true to who you are and avoid whatever comes your way.

If you're here, you know the importance of self-care. We hope you're proud of your resilience, perseverance, and strength. Don't sell yourself short.

And, if you're interested in more content like this, join the Trapped in an OP Facebook group to get advice from dental professionals around the world.






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