The most profitable and fulfilling dental practices are the ones that recognize and build around the multiple hats worn by the doctor/practice owner. Before delegating, the doctor/practice owner serves many roles, including:

  • owner/investor
  • operations manager
  • chief financial officer
  • head clinician
  • team leader
  • lead marketer
  • vendor contact
  • and more…

The head clinician role, alone, would be a full-time job for most people. Add managing people, running the business, tending to financial decisions, strategizing practice vision and direction, and all the other pieces of the puzzle and the typical doctor/practice owner might have the equivalent of four full-time jobs of responsibilities. Fortunately, many practice owners hire an office manager and other team members to take some of those roles off their hands. But all roads lead back to the owner and most owners still end up doing the equivalent of multiple full-time jobs.

That's why it's so important to use technology to make your practice run smoother. Implementing technology to automate or make tasks easier is an easy way to get started. The more tasks you can automate or make easier using technology, the more other tasks can be delegated. Every little bit helps. And with all the time saved, the practice/owner can enjoy time off or focus on higher-impact growth initiatives.

Here are four pieces of technology that can help make your practice run smoother.

A Robust Dental Communications System

If all your dental phones do is send and receive calls, you are making your life much harder than it needs to be. Robust VoIP dental communications systems like the ones by our partner, Mango Voice, offer many features that make practices run smoother.

From their mobile app to texting and smart phone technology, your phone system can save you dozens of hours a month, or more. In fact, their screen pop integration, alone, can save an average of four minutes per call. How many calls does your practice get every day? Imagine saving four minutes each call, all day, every day. What else could your team members take on with all that extra time?

Being able to delegate more tasks to your team can free up the doctor/owner to focus on higher-impact growth-focused initiatives.

Dental Practice Growth Technology

Imagine not having to make every decision to grow your practice. The right practice management software can do just that.

How much work would it take for you to tell your team members who they need to call each day and why? With growth-focused practice management software, you can. The right software can give you that exact list so your team can fill up your schedule without your input.

On top of that, you can access a sophisticated dashboard that gives you full data about your practice health and direction. And you even get fully automated morning huddle agendas to get every day started on the right foot. The right practice management software can give you that, and more.

Is technology helping your practice grow?

With so many roles, growth initiatives often take a backseat to the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day demands. That's why it's so important to use the right technology in your practice.

Two important technologies include a dental communication system like our partners at Mango Voice's system and the right practice management software. Together, those two technologies give you the ability to delegate more tasks and automate growth-oriented activities you would never have the capacity to do manually.