Most dentists come out of dental school feeling on top of the world. They think they can take on almost anything thrown their way. 

Soon enough, they try to open a private practice only to get a rude awakening. Dental school didn't prepare them for running a business and, right off the bat, they have a lot of problems with their marketing. 

It's not just new dentists who struggle. Even the most experienced dentists have trouble launching successful marketing campaigns. If you're reading this, you're probably experiencing your share of frustrations on that front.

Your practice can’t grow without getting new patients in your chair. You need a plan to generate leads and increase your revenue. You need a successful marketing campaign. And every successful marketing campaign has three elements. 

1) A Comprehensive Approach

If you just go for a niche segment of the market or utilize run-of-the-mill strategies, you’ll miss out on a lot of prospects. You’re limiting yourself to one slice of the pie. 

Counteract mundane marketing strategies by adopting a more comprehensive approach. Attack every piece of the market, and spearhead those “attacks” with as much innovation possible. That means conducting less typical methods like direct mail, ground marketing, and more.

For example, you could go door-to-door and try finding patients in bunches by networking with other businesses in your area. Bring some of your famous homemade cookies and introduce yourself. Offer discounts for their employees and hand out simple brochures. 

Everyone knows about Facebook ads, targeted Google search advertising, and so on. You can get more creative than that. For example, Facebook live videos are a great way to share the journey of your practice and get people invested in your story.

2) A Business Worth Showing Off

Generating leads is only half the battle. You need to convert them, too. Once you get their interest, you need to keep them interested. You need to showcase the shine of your dental practice. You have a team of employees who are in the business of offering life-changing treatment on a daily basis. You're constantly making an impact on the lives of your patients—it's time to show yourself off!

Create a flashy website that impresses anyone who lands on your page. Get fancy with your Google Ads and Facebook Ads by taking your spin on the latest trends. Create great products and services people can leave raving reviews about.

3) The Right Team Equipped with the Right Tools

You can do marketing campaigns in-house without bringing anyone new into the mix. By equipping your team with the right training and tools, they should be able to fuel you toward your marketing goals. 

There are so many helpful apps to equip your team with that can help them with marketing directly. There are also products and services that can help marketing campaigns more indirectly.

Our favorite is the VoIP phones by our partner Mango Voice, which has the latest integrations to complete a multitude of simple tasks for you. That way, you and your team can focus on marketing and clinical care and won't have to worry about efficiencies caused by not having tools to make the admin tasks easier. 

If you can’t manage your marketing in-house, that makes sense. It might be better to outsource it to an actual agency. Whoever manages your marketing should value the vision you have for your practice. 

What Are You Waiting For?

No business can't grow without a successful marketing campaign behind it. That's especially true for dental practices. Corporate conglomerates have been entering the mix more than ever. New practices are popping up on every corner. Competition is growing fiercer and fiercer for practice owners. If your marketing campaigns don't share these three elements, consider making some adjustments.

Groups like the Trapped in an OP Facebook group exist to help dental professionals thrive—marketing-related or not. If you’re interested in getting encouragement and support from other dental professionals, then join today!