The life of a dental professional is hectic no matter what role you play in the practice. It’s a fast-paced profession with tons of pressure involved. That’s why it’s important to be proactively taking measures to protect our mental health

But when you’re a practice owner, things can get especially hectic. Dentists who run their own practice weren’t taught how to run a business in dental school. Running from place to place to perform high-stress procedures is enough for dentists to deal with on a daily basis. When that’s paired with things like scheduling conflicts or back pain, life can get really overwhelming.

As humans, we’ve all been through stressful times. It’s important to apply lessons we’ve learned during these times to refortify ourselves in the present. That’s why, for this week’s article, we’re giving you three lessons to remember when you find it too hectic to manage your dental practice.

1. Take Things in Stride

Nothing happens overnight, momentum builds gradually, and every path toward growth will have bumps in the road. Some stuff is simply out of our control, and letting it get under our skin is just going to make things tougher. It’s important to take things in stride and go on living our lives one day at a time. 

Your dental practice might seem chaotic right now, but it likely has come a long way since it began. Try to zoom out, look at the big picture, and practice some gratitude about how far you’ve come. The future is bright. Things add up, and small steps can pave the way for giant leaps and large gains.

If you're having a hard time practicing gratitude or dismissing things that are out of your control, try to focus on the good you can bring into the world. Little acts of kindness can go a long way. Favors are often returned, and doing good feels good. Maybe you’re overdue for some good fortune. No matter what, nothing will be accomplished by hanging your head and accepting defeat.

2. Focus on Your “Why”

We’re in the business of helping people. As dental professionals, our livelihoods depend on improving the lives of others. To some, you’re another word for a superhero. Sometimes, feeling a sense of honor for being in the profession you’re in can really turn a bad day into a good one. 

To add to that, a busy body can give you the luxury of an idle mind. Our profession might be hectic, but keeping occupied can prevent a descent down a rabbit hole of ruminations. In that sense, our business can distract us from worries. But, even more importantly, our actions have the capacity to remind us of how much we matter.

Actions will leave much more of an impact than the thoughts we keep inside of us. This is especially the case in dentistry when our work can literally save a life. A day might be chaotic, but you can look back on your day and see how productive you were with it. That daily retrospection at a day-well-spent can be fulfilling.

Someone who spends their day selling insurance policies might not feel like they’re making a tangible impact but, for dental professionals, all that hectic energy can translate into something beautiful. You made a difference in the world. Your days have purpose, structure, and meaning—a fact most other professionals can’t boast about.

3. You Don’t Need to Do It All Alone

Between finding the right mentor to getting support from family and friends, there’s no need to do it all alone. It’s important to set up a support system to keep yourself feeling in control both personally and professionally.

If you’re reading this blog, you already know there are resources to help you get where you want to be. But there’s only so much a blog can do for your business. Without action, the knowledge you’ve just gained will mean nothing. There are so many dental products and services out there that can make the practice management side of things a lot easier. 

For example, do you really need to manage phone calls using old-school technology? Our partner, Mango Voice can give your practice cutting-edge VoIP to manage calls effectively, reduce overhead, and keep your staff running at peak efficiency. Phone services like Mango Voice can give you the software support to ease many of the tasks that make running your business hectic.

Is Life Getting Too Stressful?

Managing stress comes with being a dental professional. Dentistry is a hectic profession. But that’s why Dental Hub 360 always tries to be there for dental professionals by helping them to keep their heads above water. 

There are also groups like the Trapped in an OP Facebook group to help you manage stress. If you’re interested in getting encouragement and support from other dental professionals, then join today!