When it comes to dentistry, selling products and services is about way more than making money. A practice owner wants to stay in business, of course, but the majority of dental professionals are in the profession to change and improve lives. Money might make the world go-’round, but our fulfillment comes elsewhere.

The problem is, the products and services of dentistry can be hard to sell. Whether it’s because of unaffordable prices or the process of getting treatment itself, patients simply don’t always accept getting the dental care they need and deserve. 

Increasing case acceptance rates isn’t a simple fix—it’s an entire beast to tackle. At Dental Hub 360, we’re all about helping you do tackle that “beast” by providing articles like these. So, what are the three myths holding patients back from saying “yes”? Keep reading!

1. Treatment Can Wait

Unfortunately, most people simply don’t take dental treatment as seriously as they should. They’ll consume tons of sugar and practice poor dental hygiene with the impression that it’ll only ever yellow their teeth or cause a cavity or two. Even then, they’ll wait for the cavity to hurt too much.

Too often, getting dental treatment just isn’t treated as a pressing concern—people simply fail to prioritize it. Most would be fine spending an hour waiting for dinner or binge-watching a TV show, but dental care is usually put on the back burner until there’s too much discomfort or they’re really worried.

We can bust this myth by educating our patients. See if they’re open to a brief lesson about the importance of their oral health and what the treatment you’re offering can do for them. There’s no need to scare them into accepting treatment, though, and there’s no need to use jargon. Keep it simple.

Simply informing our patients of the value they’ll receive (in layman terms) will rid them of any important misconceptions and (hopefully) light a fire under them. Once they understand the value of dental care, treatment won’t be something that can wait—they’ll have a newfound sense of urgency.

2. Treatment is Too Expensive

One of the big reasons people think treatment isn’t worth prioritizing is because it can amount to a pretty penny. When it’s a high-ticket item, like a dental implant, this is especially the case. 

To bust this myth, you can offer affordable alternatives or try to shift the patient's mindset about the cost of dental care. Shape the conversation around education instead of looking to make money—focus on changing their lives and you’ll see more success.

3. Treatment is Scary

Treatment can be scary. Needles are enough to freak some folks out; drills and pointy dental tools aren’t an exception. A simple yet necessary procedure like a filling can be intimidating. It makes sense, as it can definitely cause some discomfort and pain.

But treatment shouldn’t be scary—your patients should feel at home when they come into your dental practice. With exceptional customer service, you can really bring down their guard. 

So, bust this myth by setting up a pleasant atmosphere. Offer coffee, magazines, and other accommodations. Ensure your team is friendly enough to clearly convey that everyone is looking out for the best interest of patients and the focus goes beyond increasing a bottom line. Get to know the names of your patients (if you can), and at least have some chit-chat with them. You’ll really get brownie points if you can go so far as to remember personal details for the next time you see them.

We’d Love Your Input!

These are just three pieces of the puzzle. Some myths can’t be busted, but these three definitely can. So, what myths have you heard from patients? Let us know in the comments below! Maybe we’ll feature your insight in a future blog post.

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