If you're a practice owner, you’re a visionary. And, just like every practice owner, you’re not satisfied with that vision alone. You want to work toward your dream. This means tackling the difficult and (often) overwhelming journey of running a business. 

You’re serious about running a dental practice. You’re willing to take challenges head-on. But you’ll need the right team. You need a staff that can implement proven processes and effective systems. Overall, you’re in need of a business plan. 

Good news: you’re not alone. Every successful dental practice shares many of the same problems. And every dental practice shares many of the same solutions, too. Specifically, every successful dental practice has three parts that really keep the business running. 

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what those three parts are. 

1. Effective Marketing

Too many marketing companies abide by a cookie-cutter approach—funnels, predictable memes, you name it.  Your business will fail to stand out in a crowded market with that approach. Prospects aren’t blind, and they can see through most clichés.

You need an effective advertising campaign with marketing tactics that rise above the herd. Average methods will reap average results—a run-of-the-mill approach is an ingredient for a stagnant business. Get innovative with your marketing campaign and try to be as unique as possible. 

Get creative: do anything but the predictable. 

For example, an innovative strategy might be involving your dental team in your advertising and marketing. Every day, your staff performs their jobs; showcasing how your employees change the lives of your customers could present a great opportunity to stand out.

2. Employees Who Feel Valued

There’s no “I” in a dental team, it’s as simple as that. 

If a practice owner doesn’t appreciate team members and treat them the way they deserve to be treated, adjustments need to be made. Your business is sure to sink if you don’t ensure your employees feel valued.

You can do this by paying employees well, providing incentives, and getting creative with bonuses. Every act of kindness can go a long way, and showing employees you care about them is pivotal.

3. Great Products & Services 

When you’re delivering great products and services, everyone feels better. Employees begin to feel like they’re a legitimate part of something greater, as though they’re serving a greater purpose by delivering such amazing results to the customers. 

The customers will obviously be happy if there are great products and services to be found in your business. They’ll rave about you to friends and family. They’ll leave reviews to bolster your online reputation. Your business will boom.

However, products and services go beyond the ones you can provide for your employees. You can also equip your team with products or services that optimize efficiencies and bolster productivity. One of our favorites is Mango Voice. Their VoIP phone system offers over 100 features and integrations that will help make everyone's life easier.

Are You Building the Practice of Your Dreams?

You have a vision. You want to make a difference. The dental practice of your dreams can be made a reality but, obviously, it’s easier said than done to make that vision a reality. Whether it’s through articles like this, our practice resources, or our educational videos, Dental Hub 360 is in your corner. 

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re already better off than 99% of practice owners. Why? Because you have a winning attitude and a hard-working, go-getter personality that just can’t be taught. Give yourself a pat on the back!

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