When running any business, it’s essential to pay attention to your patients' needs. Having a secure, reliable, efficient, and easy phone system is one way to ensure great customer service. 

Having an outdated phone system will make the quality of your practice decline. Patient experience is vital to creating a positive brand and reputation. If your phone system is slow and unreliable, your patients will notice.

You and your staff deserve a phone system. It should make your day easier. It should be simple enough to work and be easy to operate. But it should be updated with important integrations to create a rich patient experience for your practice. Our favorite is the one offered by our partner, Mango Voice. Here are three integrations we love that can make your practice better.

1. Screen Pop Technology

Screen Pop technology allows you and your staff to work efficiently without the disruption of incoming phone calls. Most phone systems don’t have this feature, and it affects the atmosphere of the practice. 

Patients should come into the office and feel comfortable and at ease. The constant ringing of phones is distracting and can cause people to feel overwhelmed. 

Our partner, Mango Voice technologies uses Screen Pop technology to make sure when a call comes in, it will send a ringing event for each extension. No more pop-ups on unnecessary screens!

Only the people who are directly connected to that phone call will need to get involved. That way your team can continue to be productive without distractions.

You get to designate exactly what phones you want to ring and only those phones receive a ringing event, so you don’t have to worry about ringing in operatories to distract you and your team or disrupt your patient experience.

2. Mobile and Desktop Apps 

Being up to date with your resources, tools, and technology is vital for the value and quality of your practice. Having outdated resources and tools will cause your patients to question the quality of your practice.

Every dental office should consider integrating mobile and desktop apps so they can connect with staff and patients anywhere.

Things are constantly changing and we need to continually adapt and grow. Being able to run your practice through your cell phone is the next step to ensuring your practice continues to grow regardless of where you are.

With Mango Voice’s mobile and desktop app, you can notify clients of a new voicemail so they never have to miss a reminder or forget to schedule an appointment. This app also allows you to auto-add to customer activity logs so you stay up to date on all of your files. 

Being able to access voicemails from your office on your mobile phone is important, and allows you to stay on top of your responsibilities. With the Mango Voice app, you can not only access your office voicemails, but you can view voicemails as transcripts, see what time the message was left, and call them back when it’s convenient for you.

3. Business Fax

Fax machines are considered old technology and are often heavily lacking in security. Both incoming and outgoing faxes do not come with a guarantee of confidential transmission, which poses potential risks to every organization that uses them. 

Traditional fax machines are not a naturally secure way to exchange sensitive information. Dentist practices have confidential files on every patient, and so using a traditional fax machine to send patient information is dangerous. 

Mango Voice Secure Business Fax adds all the security in all the right places. They have re-invented the process of secure fax, making it easier for you to share time-sensitive information without worrying about security issues. Mango fax allows you to quickly see a list of your files and access them. 

Does your phone system help you improve patient experience?

Staying up to date with the latest technologies can make or break a business today. Make sure your business is utilizing the best services available to ensure top of the line customer service.

That’s why Mango Voice put dental practice efficiency and patient experience front and center. When they designed their dental practice phone system, they did so with you in mind. If you’re looking to create a rich experience for your customers, Mango Voice can help. It utilizes top-of-the-line integrations to ensure the best customer experience. 

If you want to learn how much Mango Voice can help your business improve, check out Mango Voice where you can get more information about how to improve patient experience in your practice.