When running a dental practice, productivity is paramount. Improving productivity just a small percentage point can cause incredible positive ripples throughout your practice.

But with so much on your plate as a practice leader, implementing complex systems and processes into your practice can be a daunting, if not impossible task. You often just don't have the capacity to add anything to your plate, even with the promise of a more productive payoff down the road.

Fortunately, making progress doesn't need to be some big, grandiose initiative to make an impact. Small, incremental improvements can add up over time and, eventually, free you up to complete larger initiatives. Here are three productivity apps that can help you get started.

Asana for Dental Practices

Do tasks fall through the cracks at your practice? Do day-to-day administrative activities get performed inconsistently? What about new initiatives? Are you too busy to start anything new in your practice? Or, when you do, do they tend to drag on, get disorganized, and fade away?

Asana might be the solution for you. Asana is a free, robust project management app that uses both an online portal and mobile app to organize documents and tasks. With easy-to-use communications and project management features, you can use Asana to store standard operating procedures and create a central location for each initiative you want completed. You can set up a unique “task” in Asana for every initiative with sub-tasks for each step needed to achieve your goal. Then, you can assign each subtask to a team member with due dates for them to be completed. If they have questions, they can ask them in each task, which will notify all relevant team members. And all communications and documents for each task are organized in the same place to ensure nothing gets lost.

Slack for Dental Practices

Keeping yourself and your team members away from emails can save an incredible amount of time for your dental practice. It's not necessarily the act of checking email that reduces productivity. It's important that team members can communicate with each other, especially if they are working on different schedules. But checking emails often leads to other distractions, such as checking the news or visiting social media, even if your practice policies discourage personal social media use at the office.

Moreover, sometimes you need to send an email to a team of people because you want each person to have access to the information. But you don't need everyone to get notified (and distracted) by the message when you send it. You want one person to get the information right away.

Enter Slack. Slack is a free communication tool that helps your team communicate much more efficiently and effectively in the office. With many of the same features as Asana, like organizing communications around topics, which are organized in “channels” you can set up, you can create unique communication channels regarding marketing, practice management, supplies, or patient issues. Then, you can have each team member subscribe to the channels relevant to them but only get notified when someone tags them in a comment. No more distracting notifications for everyone. And no more rabbit holes of internet distractions by checking email.

Mango Voice Mobile App

If you're still using old-school dental office phones, one simple switch can save you money and make you much more productive. That's because our partners at Mango Voice have created a robust, cutting-edge dental phone system that can make you and your team more productive than ever. For example, their screen pop integrations can save you an average of four minutes per call. Their click-to-call feature can help you save time searching for patient numbers or even having to dial the number. Just click the number in your database and the Mango Voice phone system does the rest.

Mango Voice's new mobile app takes that productivity to a whole new level. With its app, you can see voicemails from anywhere in the world, record phone calls to allow you to monitor conversations and ensure communications are optimized and consistently to your standards, and more.

Can these apps help you finally achieve the growth—and balance—you deserve?

With so much on your plate, even a small boost in productivity might be just what you need to finally achieve the level of production you want in your practice—without you having to do all the work yourself. Whether you need a task management app, like Asana, a communications app, like Slack, or a complete dental office communications system like Mango Voice, you might be an app or two away from finally achieving the growth and balance you deserve.