3 Reasons to Join a Dental Networking Community

July 29, 2019 | 0

3 Reasons to Join a Dental Networking Community

We started the Dental Hub 360 dental social media platform with big goals. Our free CE courses and dental forms gave dental professionals top-quality information. Our marketplace gave dental professionals a place to buy and sell equipment from each other. And our dental networking community helped dental professionals connect with each other no matter where in the world they were located.

Since then, we invested heavily to make those things come true and more. While we are excited about the marketplace, information, dental forms, and more, we are really excited about the free dental networking community we developed on Facebook.

With more than 14,000 members, and growing, Dental Hub 360’s dental networking community is the place to connect with growth-minded and motivated dental professions. If you haven’t yet joined, here are three things you’re missing out on.

Getting Ideas to Improve Your Practice

3 Reasons to Join a Dental Networking Community

No matter what role you serve in your practice, when you bring ideas for improving your practice, everyone wins—especially you! You could be the person to help solve operational challenges. You could bring best practices to streamline processes. Or, you could bring new ideas for dental marketing. Dental networking groups are full of dental professionals who have seen it all and give you ideas that help you advance in your practice.

Want to reduce overhead? Ask a question about your cost structure and watch the advice flow in. Do you need to improve case acceptance? Learn from what works with others. No matter what role you play in the practice, the people in a dental networking community like the one we created for Dental Hub360 can help you improve. With such a variety of experience among the membership, you’ll get plenty of ideas to choose from, too, so you can find the one that fits best for you. 

Getting Personal Support

3 Reasons to Join a Dental Networking Community

We all need support from time to time. We have bad days or bad weeks. Or, we’re struggling with something in our personal lives that’s new to us. And, sometimes we might not want to vent or reach out to people in our local network for help.

In a group as big as Dental Hub 360's, chances are somebody has gone through something similar. And because membership to these groups is voluntary, everyone is there because they want to connect with other professionals. 

Do your hands ache from years of work? Are you on a weight loss journey? Do you struggle to juggle parenting, personal goals, and professional advancement? The right dental networking group can connect you with members to support and encourage you with personal challenges, too. It's not just about the practice.

Getting Held Accountable for Achieving Your Goals by Other Dental Networking Group Members

3 Reasons to Join a Dental Networking Community

There’s no better way to achieve your goals than to have the power of a supportive group of people gently pushing you forward. That’s one of the best benefits of joining the right dental networking group. 

Even better, with so many people, odds are someone else in the group has similar goals and needs accountability too. Many times, several people want to achieve the same personal, professional, or practice-wide goals as you. 

Connecting and regularly checking in with others who are pursuing goals helps each person stay accountable for moving forward. For example, some people choose to post updates about their goals. Even if you don’t, seeing others post about going to the gym, taking CE courses, or improving case acceptance reminds you to keep pushing forward yourself. 

You could even organize formal accountability, asking others the group to check in with you to see whether you’ve made progress. However you prefer to stay accountable, a good dental networking group can provide the push you need to keep going and growing. 

Have you joined a dental networking group?

If you want more ideas, support, and accountability, a dental networking group can help with that, and more. So, if you haven’t joined a dental networking group or want to join one of the most supportive groups of dental professionals you’ll ever meet, join the Dental Hub 360 Facebook community today!