As many of you know, we have been big fans of our partner, Mango Voice's dental phone system, for quite some time.

From their customer service to their cutting-edge technology and dedication to the dental community, Mango Voice has been a valued partner of both the Dental Hub 360 and greater dental community for years.

But many practice owners hesitate to switch. They're comfortable with their phone system. They've used it for years. And many have formed beliefs about dental phones that are no longer true. Here are three secrets your dental phone provider doesn't want you to know.

VoIP Phones Offer More Than Just Clear Calls

What good are phones if you can't reliably make and receive calls? That's what traditional phone companies will ask you if you ask them about VoIP phones. The suggestion is that traditional phones are higher quality and reliability than VoIP phones. And the goal of asking that question is to scare you into thinking your patients won't be able to call you if you switch to VoIP phones so all the other features are useless.

The truth is VoIP phones like Mango Voices tend to work better, faster, and even more reliably than traditional phones. But that's just one of many features of a VoIP system like Mango Voices. With Mango Voice VoIP phones, you also get many smart calling features, like the ability to record calls to ensure consistent high-quality communications coming from your practice. And it helps you become more productive, using ring controls and other features that ensure only the people who need to be interrupted by phone calls hear the phone ringing when people call your main line.

Your Phone System Can Help You Increase Revenue

Unlike traditional phones, with a VoIP phone system like Mango Voice's you can use your phone system to actually grow your practice.

With its mobile features, you can rest easy knowing you never miss a call from a lead who responds to a dental ad. You can be sure that any call for emergency care gets answered right away and your patient doesn't move on and call the next practice on their list. And you can reduce distractions in the day-to-day operations of your practice to allow your team members to focus on doing what they need to do to get more patients scheduled and served. These are just a few of the ways Mango Voice VoIP phone systems help practices become more productive.

VoIP Phone Systems Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars a Month

Years ago, your phone system was a big expense. And the phone company locked you into long contracts and made it painful to switch providers. Find a better deal? You might need to wait years to switch.

With VoIP phones from Mango Voice, you don't have to worry about signing a lengthy contract. And you can save hundreds of dollars a month for a better phone system that helps you increase productivity.

Is your phone company keeping these three secrets from you?

With so much pressure on you as a dental practice owner, you deserve to have technology making your life easier and helping you make more money. Switching from traditional phones to a VoIP phone system by our partners at Mango Voice could help you save money, increase revenue, and achieve greater peace of mind by having technology make everyone's life easier at the practice.