Having an impressionable social media presence is important now more than ever for a dental practice. An engaging post can help grow your practice immensely. 

Many businesses are busy focusing on their patients and finances, and don’t really have the time to be planning out social media posts. But what many people don’t realize is, you only need about two to five minutes to implement successful posts. 

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to engage your audience on your practice’s social media account, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three easy posts you can start doing today:

1. Show your office.

Take a photo or video of your workspace. New patients want to know what your practice looks like inside and out. Pre-existing patients like to be updated on any changes, too. 

Sharing a photo outside of your practice will increase visibility, especially for local patients. If a potential patient sees your post on Facebook and then recognizes your building while driving by, they’ll realize how close and convenient it would be to go to you.

Show off your new massage chair, or whatever you have that makes your practice unique. It only takes a few minutes to share something in your office that will set you apart from other practices.

2. Like other businesses.

This makes it more likely for them to like you back. This doesn’t mean go and like big corporations, it means find small businesses in your area and build a community of support. 

If they like you back, they are more likely to share your posts and get your name out there. Because it is a local small business, they will have local followers. So, by sharing your page, you are likely to gain more followers and potential patients.

Make sure you click “Like as your page” so that you aren’t “liking” from a personal account. This will help you build connections with your community through your business. 

3. Have fun.

People want to see the human side of your practice. This makes it less clinical and more personal. 

If you have a birthday in the office, share how you celebrate. Make funny, engaging posts. If it is a nice day out, share how you and your team picked up lunch from the local bakery and are eating outside. Don’t be hesitant to tag the bakery, too.

These little actions are what create deep relationships and a bond within your community, and will set your practice apart from the rest.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Social Media Presence?

It only takes a few minutes to improve your social media presence and build communal relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about simple, easy, and engaging social media posts, check out Jackie Brown’s educational video on DentalHub360.com.