As dental professionals, we expect ourselves to be practicing dentistry for a living. But we often find ourselves overwhelmed by all of the things we need to do that aren’t dentistry. If we want to keep our practice afloat, however, we need to be productive in those areas too. We can't sustain ourselves just by being productive in dentistry and dentistry alone.

Running a practice means running a business. But we don’t need to stress ourselves out by trying to do the things we don’t have much expertise in. People go to school to specialize in things that we struggle with. Outsourcing to those people can make our lives so much easier. When we can outsource things to others, it allows us to focus on dentistry, which is what we’re best at. We can treat patients more efficiently and change more lives.

Do you find yourself struggling running the business part of the practice? Then consider outsourcing these three things to professionals who are experts in these areas.


Marketing is one of the best ways to get new patients to come to your practice. And there are lots of strategies you can use to create an effective marketing campaign. But there are too many intricacies in managing marketing strategies while practicing dentistry at the same time. That’s why there are companies out there that offer marketing services to dentists.

Outsourcing your marketing to a company that knows what they’re doing will save you a lot of time, effort, and money. It takes a long time to get a basic grasp of how to market effectively. Learning the tricks of the trade isn't something that happens overnight. An actual dental advertising agency already knows the tricks of the trade. They'll be much more proficient in attracting new patients.

Insurance-Related Duties

If you’ve never felt a giant headache over dealing with insurance, and you run a PPO, you’re one of the few dental professionals who can lay that claim. For most of us, especially for those of us who run a PPO, insurance-related tasks are a big source of stress.

It’s often a challenge getting an insurance company to pay a claim. Dealing with complications between patients and their insurance companies can drive you crazy. A lot of time can get wasted in frustration over insurance-related tasks.

But there are companies that know how to handle insurance like they know the back of their hand. If you outsource to them, you’ll save yourself all the headaches that come with insurance-related tasks. 

Inbound/Outbound Phone Calls

If you want your practice to grow, your front office team members need to handle phone calls masterfully. But dental practices get busy. It can be difficult for your front office team members to answer a phone call promptly sometimes. There might be a half a dozen patients waiting in line to set up an appointment or check-in.

When they're feeling rushed, they may come across as crabby and unhappy to talk to a patient. Even worse, they might feel so rushed that they put down the wrong information. Patients will be put off by a long wait and an unfriendly greeting. But getting called back later in the week—to fix errors—could be what makes them go to the practice down the street next time instead.

Handling phone calls might not seem like what makes or breaks your practice. But it adds up to a lot of missed opportunities. Even worse, it can build a bad reputation. It’s powerful when you get positive testimonials, but detrimental when you get negative ones.

Don’t burden your front office team members with overwhelming expectations. It's difficult for them to handle phone calls perfectly all while doing the other tasks they need to do. That’s one way to lead to high turnover. Instead, outsource inbound and outbound phone calls to a company that is specialized in doing so. It’ll leave your front office team members much less stressed. And you won’t have to worry about patients deciding they don’t feel welcome at your practice.

How do you lessen your load?

Running a practice is running a business. There are tons of other things you need to manage to keep your business growing. These three things are only a few of the many things you can outsource. But outsourcing these three things can do wonders for you and your practice.

How do you lessen your load? What do you outsource? And, if you don’t outsource anything, how do you do it? Let us know in the comments below!

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