3 Things You Need to Break into Dental Speaking

January 28, 2019 | 0

3 Things You Need to Break into Dental Speaking

Have you ever wanted to be a speaker? If so, getting connected in the right speaking circles is important. Dr. Glenn Vo recently talked with Vanessa Emerson of The Dental Speaker Institute in the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group.

Vanessa helps dentists master the art and business of speaking. She helps them build speaking skills, secure speaking engagements, and use speaking to grow their businesses. Among the topics they discussed was exactly how to get into the dental speaking world. Vanessa shared three things every dentist needs to break into dental speaking well.

1. A Vision and Strategic Plan for Speaking

3 Things You Need to Break into Dental Speaking

Vanessa advises anyone starting out to look at their life vision first. Think about why you want to speak in dentistry. What do you want it to do for your life? How do you envision using speaking to help you achieve your life goals?

Once you have that vision in place, establish a strategic plan for building a business that helps you achieve your life goal. That can be hard when you are just starting out because you do not know all the variables. As Vanessa put it, “You don’t know what you don’t know yet.”

If you are looking to turn speaking into a profitable business, think about products or services you can offer that speaking can support, such as consulting to dental practices. Most speakers consult. Speaking is a very effective marketing activity. When you speak, many people will come up to you afterward and want to work closer with you. Planning products or services to offer those people is a great way to build a profitable and enjoyable speaking business.

2. Presentation and Speaker Business Skills

3 Things You Need to Break into Dental Speaking

You do not need to be an expert presenter when you are just getting started, but it is important to treat your new craft like you treat dentistry. We know how important it is to continue our clinical training. Dental speaking is no different. The way we communicate things to large groups is much different than how we communicate in one-on-one settings. Working with a speaking coach or attending speaker training will help you get started on the right foot.

Running a speaker business is different than running a dental practice. Learning what it takes to run an efficient dental speaker business will help you avoid wasting a lot of time and money. This is one of Vanessa’s core business offerings at the Dental Speaker Institute.

Beefing up your presentation and business skills are not only important when starting. These are two areas the most successful speakers work on throughout their careers.

3. Marketing and Exposure

3 Things You Need to Break into Dental Speaking

It takes a lot of work to build a speaker business. One way to market your speaking and gain exposure is to send a professional speaker packet to meeting planners. A speaker packet is a professionally designed PDF that includes all the information a meeting planner needs to evaluate you as a potential speaker.

It includes your course description, bio, past presentations, testimonials, and learning objectives to see if your presentation qualifies for CE credits. Obviously, when you are just getting started, your speaker packet will be shorter than after you have been speaking for a while. But you will accrue things over time and can improve your speaker packet as you go. When you are getting started, just include what you have.

Are you ready to start speaking?

Dental speaking is like many businesses where success builds over time. You cannot go to one course and develop one skill and then see the floodgates open.

It takes a good amount of work to start a speaking business in the dental industry. And the only way to build a profitable speaker business is to get started and build momentum over time. Starting with a vision and strategic plan will help you get focused. Building presentation and business skills will help you build a solid content and business foundation. Preparing a speaker packet and sharing it with meeting planners and industry contacts will help you start getting booked.

The more you get booked, the better your focus, skills, and marketing will become.

If you have not watched Dr. Vo’s interview with Vanessa, visit the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group to watch it today. You can also connect with Vanessa at The Dental Speaker or learn more about speaker education at the Dental Speaker Institute.