4 Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Practice

July 22, 2019 | 1

4 Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Practice

A dental practice takes a lot of effort to run. Doctors have to manage a team, treat patients, market the practice, and so much more. Team members need to make sure they consistently do their individual tasks well and are great team players.

One of the hardest parts about working in a practice is making sure it’s operating to its full potential. Of course, no dental practice is perfect, and there will always be room for improvement. Here are four changes you can make to improve your practice as suggested by members of the Dental Hub 360 Facebook group.

Show Appreciation for All Team Members

4 Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Practice

Your morning huddle is a perfect time to show people they are appreciated. Leaders, in addition to looking at your goals and numbers, call out team members for the amazing things they are doing. Celebrate wins and encourage people when something goes wrong. This is a great way to make team members feel important and recognized.

Team members, call out your peers who helped you the day before. Let them know—in front of leadership and your colleagues—how much you appreciated it. Your kind words and acknowledgment will go a long way.

Appreciation develops an atmosphere of respect and encouragement for every team member. That positive environment will make everyone feel more motivated. According to one study, 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving.

Take Courses to Improve Your Practice on a Regular Basis

4 Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Practice

You learn a great deal in school. However, you should not be done learning once you graduate. Keeping the entire team educated on the best and latest business and dental strategies will make everyone’s life easier. It also enhances outcomes and patient experience and ensures each team member achieves their full potential.

Look for learning opportunities for all team members. Take CE courses or business courses. Start a book club. Give team members books to read. Make sure nobody in your practice is left behind.

Invest in the Latest Tools and Equipment

4 Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Practice

A practice is only as good as the equipment it has to perform its work. The best and latest tools and equipment can set you apart from your competition and show patients you care about them. It gives patients more confidence in moving forward with treatment—especially complex care.

If you have not updated tools and equipment in a while, take inventory of what needs to be replaced and put a plan in place to do so. The entire team will perform better, and your patients will appreciate you even more!

Create Incentives for Team Members to Perform

4 Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Practice

The best practices reward team members for increases in performance. For example, you can reward team members if they refer new patients to the practice. By doing so, you can instantly increase the number of people working to attract new patients for the practice.

Another great incentive for your employees could be productivity or team culture bonus programs. Incentivize whatever behavior you want to encourage. Want to increase a certain procedure? Set a target and attach a reward for hitting it. Want to encourage teamwork? Create a weekly or monthly bonus for the employee who demonstrated the best teamwork. Whatever it is you want to encourage, an incentive can help keep the goal top of mind in all team members.

How Can You Improve Your Practice?

Whether you are a dental leader or team member, you play an important role in improving your practice. Whatever changes you choose to implement, constantly look for ways to improve and make the entire practice stand out.

What’s the favorite thing you have done to improve your dental practice? Let us know in the comments, below.