When it comes to marketing, many dental offices outsource for different reasons. While this is normal and even beneficial for some practices to be able to focus more on their patients, there are some areas of marketing that should be done in-house.

There are many marketing techniques you can start doing in your practice today that can drastically improve your bottom line. Alison Micheletti shares the four important areas of marketing that you and your practice can focus on doing in-house in her educational video.

1. Social Media 

Social media marketing should be done in your practice because you want your posts to be personal and authentic. When you outsource someone to help out with social media, your posts may end up seeming generated and not personal. 

When you are doing in-house social media, you can post photos and captions when you have a team member’s birthday, any team outings, or celebrations. This helps show your target demographic see who you are as a practice. 

Pay attention to comments and questions you get on any posts. Being responsive will encourage others to comment as well, and show your patients you care about what they have to say. 

2. Reviews

When you are first starting, getting patient reviews can be difficult. Don’t be afraid to ask patients how their service was on their way out of the office. If they are really positive about their experience, ask them to post a review. You have to start somewhere, and so asking a patient for a review will be progressive. 

Respond to reviews whether they are good or bad. Bad reviews are bound to happen, even if you and your team barely make any mistakes. How you respond to them says everything about your practice. 

Answer any reviews with a lust for improvement kind of attitude. This will help your patients and potential patients see you are always improving and growing. 

3. Community Involvement 

Get involved within your community. This is a specific area of marketing that could never be outsourced. Community involvement will get your practice’s name out there, and create bonds of support with other small, local businesses. 

Getting involved could be anything from sponsoring community events to sponsoring a 5k, or supporting a local sports team. These communal activities help your practice noticed and bring in support and new patients in places you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. 

4. Appointment Reminders

Let’s face it, missed appointments are common and they can really put a dent in a practice’s bottom line. Many patients are too busy to remember an appointment they scheduled months out. 

That’s why patients appreciate getting reminders beforehand. This is one of the simplest forms of marketing that you should implement in your practice that can truly make a difference. 

Utilize automated messages and emails to get appointment confirmations. If those don’t work, don't hesitate to personally call. Missed appointments are a hole in your schedule and missed opportunities and wasted time. 

Are you ready to attract more patients using in-house marketing resources?

Don’t outsource these four areas of marketing when you can easily do them in-house. Not only are they easy to implement, but by doing them in-house, you can gain lots of benefits. You will build a more wholesome practice by taking the time to perform some tasks in-house. 

If you are interested in learning more about these areas of marketing, check out Alison Micheletti’s educational video on DentalHub360’s educational and training videos.