4 Ways to Build a Stronger Dental Team

Having a strong dental team is essential to the growth and success of your practice. When your dental team isn’t on the page, patients notice.

Likewise, when your dental team is a unit and works well together, your patients will take note of that. It is essential to the success of your practice to work on building your team. Here are four ways you can improve your dental staff’s connection. 

1. Have morning huddles.

Morning huddles are a simple way to ensure your dental team is on the same page. Taking only 15 minutes out of your day to set your goals, discuss your plans, and work through any potential challenges can make a huge difference.

2. Work towards a common goal.

Having a common goal will bring your team closer together. Provide an incentive for your dental staff that will keep them motivated and feels like they are a part of a team.

Some incentive ideas could be a team outing event that they get to vote on, a team dinner, or a bonus pay at the end of the month. 

Having a common goal will help you and your staff hold each other accountable and encourage each other to attain that goal. 

3.  Create an open environment. 

Having an open environment in your practice is essential to creating a strong dental team. Not only will this encourage everyone to work through challenges together, but it will also bring your dental team closer.

In order to create an open environment, you need to be open yourself. Create a space that is free of judgment, and emphasize the importance of teamwork to solve challenges. 

4. Stay connected with Ring Groups.

With Mango Voice, you can utilize the Ring Group integration. Ring Groups are beneficial for keeping in contact with your entire dental team.

With Ring Groups, you can call all of the people in your group at once, ring each phone serially (in order), or even page a group of phones within the group.

Staying connected with your team is extremely important and helps you to optimize communication.

Are you ready to build a stronger dental team?

Investing in your team is investing in the success of your practice. A strong team will work together and solve any potential problems. 

To build a strong team, you need to have an open environment, have morning meetings, work towards a common goal, and stay connected.

Stay connected with Mango Voice Ring Groups. For more information visit mangovoice.com/360  and look into the features and integrations that they offer.