Dentistry can be taxing on the body. When patients think of their dental assistant, hygienist, or dentist, back pain usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Hopefully it’s something more flattering, like how great their teeth are or how great of a job they do at practicing dentistry.

But, the fact is, many dental professionals have problems with their back, wrist, and more. We’re always improving the lives of our patients, which is a real feat in itself, but apparently it comes at a cost. Carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t a rarity for dental professionals, and neither is back pain. 

That’s why, for this week’s article, we’re going to tell you about four things you can do to reduce your back pain.

Get a comfortable chair.

You might not have a big budget to buy you a fancy chair but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your chair situation. But you can even take measures to make your current chair more comfortable, such as by putting a small pillow behind you. You can also buy yourself a comfortable chair for when you’re home to make sure you are getting as much support as possible.

Have you always wanted a recliner chair you can kick back and relax in? Get yourself one to sit in when you aren’t practicing dentistry, working in your yard, or whatever else you do that might be labor-intensive.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy a good book or get to binge-watching that TV show people keep telling you all about.

Take it a step further and get yourself a massage chair, if the need for getting your back pain treated is really bad. You're worth the investment.

Sit upright and practice good posture.

It’s easier said than done, no doubt. But practicing good posture on a constant basis can be a real life-changer. It can solve a lot of neck pain, back pain, and more. Try to be a stickler about it and sit upright whenever you feel yourself slouching.

If you want to learn how to correctly practice good posture when sitting or standing, click here.

Do yoga.

Yoga offers many benefits. One of them is getting a good stretch in, which really clears up any back pain. Buy yourself a yoga mat, set up a space in your house, and take some time to practice some yoga every morning or night for however long you’d like. You can find beginner yoga programs on YouTube for free.

Work out with a focus on core exercises.

Exercise is important no matter what. It’s great for your health both mentally and physically. Right now, with the pandemic going on, people are under a lot of stress, and exercise can be a great way to reduce stress. And that’s not including how much less stressed out you’ll be when you aren’t suffering from a sore back.

Core exercises are an effective fix for lower back pain. Different exercises will help with different parts of the back. For example, check out a site like this to learn some exercises that will help with lower back pain. If it’s your upper back that’s sore, then core exercises might not be the best solution. Try out one of the other three methods outlined in this article.

Are you experiencing back pain?

Dental professionals aren’t new to back pain, and you might have already tried some or all of these tactics out. These are only four of the many ways to reduce back pain, but if you’re sore then why not try them out if you haven’t yet?

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