Are you satisfied with your patients leaving content? Or, do you want your patients to rave about their experience in your practice? I’m willing to guess you’re interested in learning how to turn your patients into raving fans.

It isn’t enough to treat your patients and serve them well. What helps your practice grow is genuine testimonials and referrals. To get those, you need to make sure you are providing the best patient experience possible. Consider implementing these four updates to your practice to get your patients raving about your practice online and to their friends. 

1. Create a comfortable atmosphere.

Dentist practices can be overwhelming to many people. By creating a comfortable atmosphere, you can alleviate some of the anxiety patients get when coming in. 

This doesn’t have to be a large expense, it can be as simple as buying some new throw pillows and putting a diffuser of essential oils on. You can get creative with it and even dedicate a fund to save up for more expensive additions like massage dental chairs and a mini-fridge full of drink options for your patients. 

The front desk is the first impression your patients get of your office. Make sure you have the people with the best customer service working upfront. Make it a point to keep the front desk organized and clean. This reflects how your patients will view your practice as a whole. 

2. Send mobile appointment reminders.

In today’s world, almost everything can be done with a smartphone. Most people spend a large portion of their day checking their phone and using it to stay connected.

It is important to offer text message appointment reminders and scheduling. Offering this option is extremely convenient for patients and they will take note of that. 

Most people are too busy during the day to answer phone calls, and so a lot of the time some messages get lost. By sending a text message for appointment management, it is likely more patients will remember their appointments, and if they can’t make it, cancel them. 

It is important patients can conveniently cancel appointments at the touch of a finger because then it opens up more time for other appointments and makes sure you are optimizing your time in the practice.

Texting patients will make patients much happier with you as well. In fact, data suggests up to 85% of people prefer communicating with companies via text over the phone. If you use Mango Voice for your dental phones, you can even text directly from your business number.

3. Create an informative website and social media account.

Most people will check out your practice’s website before anything else. That’s why it’s important to make sure it has all the information necessary and is designed to represent your practice well.

Highlight your strengths on your website and any social media accounts. If you specialize in endodontics, make that apparent. It will stand out to potential patients who need that help in that area. 

Your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter should be updated at least weekly. These accounts can be more personal and let people have an inside look into what your practice is like. Post updates whenever you get new tools or equipment and on special days like birthdays. 

Posting more personal content will help your patients feel connected to you and your dental team members.

4. Utilize top of the line phone integrations to make communication easy.

Are you using the best integrations to improve patient experience? Consider investing in a phone system that has Smart Caller ID, filters out SPAM calls, and allows you to make sound clips. 

Mango Voice has all of these integrations plus more. This will allow you to see a patient’s profile as they are calling in, record voicemail greetings and office closed clips, and see the entire patient’s records while on the phone. 

Having these integrations allows you to be more resourceful and efficient with patients. Don’t waste any more time searching for a client’s records while trying to schedule an appointment when you can utilize Mango Voice and have it done for you. 

Your patients will notice how easy it is to schedule appointments and how helpful your dental team is on the phone. 

Are you ready to turn your patients into raving fans?

Have your patients leave more than just satisfied, make sure they leave raving fans. Create a comfortable environment, send convenient mobile reminders, be informative and personal on your website and social media accounts, and utilize the best integrations. 

The way you connect with your patients will affect the growth of your practice, so make sure you have the best phone system possible. If you haven’t already, check out our partner, Mango Voice, to see all of the latest integrations they offer.