When it comes to marketing for your dental practice, you might be overwhelmed with figuring out which marketing channels are worth investing in and will bring in more patients.

The best way to get your practice’s name out there is to invest in multiple marketing strategies.It can be beneficial to look into every marketing option out there and make sure you are covering every platform. 

A dental practice is a small business that often needs an extra push to get noticed. That’s why it is so important to be knowledgeable about the various marketing methods and their benefits. 

1. Social media 

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with your patients and get the attention of potential new patients. Your audience reach is virtually endless with social media. You just have to make sure you are reaching the right people.

A few great options for social media marketing are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has the option to create a campaign, a business page, and utilize small business resources. 

With Instagram, you have the ability to promote your posts to a specific audience. You can even target your audience using location which is great for finding potential new clients.

2. Email 

It is important to take advantage of the opportunities that come with email marketing. Did you know that email marketing boasts a 4200% return on investment? That means for every dollar spent on email marketing, you could yield a forty-two dollar return. 

Email marketing is vital for keeping your patients interested and updated on your practice. It is also a great way to let your patients see who you are and what your practice is all about. 

Everything in your emails- from the tone, the events you share, and how personal you decide to get- tells the story of your practice. Email marketing also allows you to understand what your patients are interested in most. 

3. Local advertising 

For a small business like a dental practice, advertising locally is the best way to get loyal, repeat patients. Becoming an active member of your community will help get your practice’s name out there. 

Some ways you can advertise your practice locally are by getting involved with local events. This could be sponsoring or tabling at an event. You could also leave flyers and business cards around other local businesses like a coffee shop, and even build relationships that you can create a partnership with. 

4. Website

Your website is one of the first impressions that your potential patients have of your practice. It is worth investing the time into to make it look professional and that portrays your brand well. 

Ensuring your website is optimized for SEO is especially important so your practice will be suggested first to your ideal patients. This is where using multiple marketing methods is important. You can promote your dental practice’s website on your social media accounts, in your emails, and in your community to reach a bigger audience. 

5. Word-of-Mouth 

Last, but not least is word-of-mouth marketing. Word of mouth is essentially free advertising driven by exceptional patient experience. This type of marketing is perhaps one of the most effective methods. 

For this to be attainable, you have to focus a lot of your efforts on your patient experience. This means asking for feedback from every appointment and sending out feedback surveys on your other platforms. If you are not constantly improving, you are falling behind and missing out on potential word-of-mouth advertising. 

Are you ready to market your practice effectively?

There are many options when it comes to marketing your dental practice. The truth is, all of these marketing strategies are most effective when working together. 

Investing in these five areas of marketing will help you bring in new and loyal patients.