Whether you’re outsourcing your marketing or doing it yourself, it’s always important to prepare properly rather than rush into it. One of the best ways to prepare is to ask yourself questions that will help you understand what your vision is and how you can best direct your aim to achieve that vision.

With all that’s happening around the world during the pandemic, dental practitioners have more time on their hands than ever. As crazy as things seem, now is a period to think about what you can do behind the scenes to grow your practice. You can actually use this pandemic to the advantage of your practice by starting a marketing campaign that showcases the socially responsible side of your business.

But, before you start that marketing campaign, ask yourself these five questions.

What is my goal?

Depending on what’s going on in the world and in your dental practice, the goal of your marketing campaigns will likely change over time. It makes sense. Certain situations call for different things. So, with the current situation of Covid-19, we should continue improving lives by giving back to the community. After all, we can’t practice dentistry like we normally do with all that’s going on with the pandemic.

By giving back to the community, we’ll build deeper relationships with current patients from the area. We'll also attract any potential patients who hear about our efforts. Then, when things turn around, our brand will be stronger. At that point, your goals can shift to more standard marketing tactics. Like attracting new patients, or promoting specific procedures.

Who is my target audience?

During the pandemic, there’s not much point to rave about your dental services. People can’t come in for them, after all, unless they need urgent care. Promoting community engagement is a better idea.

Wait to go back to selling dental services after the pandemic has passed. For now, make your target audience those who need the aid of any charitable initiatives you can offer. As elderly people are more vulnerable to coronavirus, they’d be a perfect target audience. Or, maybe you could aim your marketing efforts towards those with pre-existing health conditions, those who can’t afford healthcare, or whoever else might need a hand.

After the pandemic is over, and you’re back to marketing your dental services, your target audience should be those whom you want to treat. Perhaps you’re looking for high-ticket patients—who seek things like implant treatment. Or, perhaps you’re just trying to get an influx of low-ticket patients—who seek things like affordable teeth whitenings. Whatever patient you’re looking for, it’s good to discern who they are so that you can tailor your marketing message toward them.

What is my message?

Again, focus on marketing your great dentistry after the pandemic has blown over. For now, focus on making your marketing message about giving back to the community and being of social service. Revolve your message around doing good things to help everyone get through the crisis, together.

Once the pandemic has ended, craft a message that puts a spotlight on the next question you’ll ask yourself about: an irresistible offer. There are plenty of creative ways to go about that—insurance options, affordable rates, membership plans, etc.

What is my offer?

In light of the pandemic, your offer could be something such as food delivery, donating PPE gear, highlighting local businesses, etc.

Once you’re back to advertising dental services, make sure your offer is something really tempting. Something that makes the practice down the street an unwise choice for the target patient who is seeking the treatment you’re marketing.

What is my budget?

This is pretty self-explanatory. You need to know how much you’re willing to spend on your marketing campaign so that you don’t put yourself out there too much and find your head underwater. Contrarily, you don’t want to budget so little money that you barely get your message out to anybody.

What questions do you ask yourself before launching a marketing campaign?

Your marketing campaign is going to be different now with the pandemic going on. That’s okay. Just focus on giving back to the community and building your brand through proving your social responsibility. When things blow over, you can go back to marketing your dental services.

Let us know in the comments below what questions you ask yourself before launching a marketing campaign—pandemic or not.

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