If you think spending money on upgrading your phone system is a waste of money, this article’s for you. Upgrading your phone system will save you money in the long run and help you run your dental practice more efficiently. 

If you’re skeptical about replacing your outdated phone system with a new one, here are 5 reasons why your dental practice should consider upgrading. 

1. You’ll have to spend money to repair outdated hardware.

If one of your main reservations about not upgrading your phone system is investing money, think about it this way; you will have to continuously spend money repairing your outdated hardware.

One of the greatest benefits of a new phone system is that you can invest in one that offers VoIP. VoIP is voice-over-internet calling. This is great because it allows you to ditch your phone system hardware that is obsolete, and move everything to a cloud-based infrastructure. 

This will not only make your office look less cluttered and more modern, but it will also allow you to have access to new features. 

2. You won’t be able to grow your patient base. 

Growing your patient base is essential to the overall growth of your company. With an outdated phone system, you won’t be able to keep up with call volumes. 

Look for a phone system that offers multiple extension lines as well as a cloud-based system to keep an ongoing list of patient records.

Mango Voice is a great option when looking to upgrade your phone system. They offer VoIP and allow you to have all of your information and records in one place.

3. You are limited to working in the office.

Your practice should be able to adapt and grow as times change. Sometimes, our dental staff doesn’t always have access to the office or can’t make it in. That doesn’t mean we should stop being productive and unresponsive to patients.

With Mango Voice mobile, you can access your company voicemails, transcripts of calls, company and personal contact information, and inbound and outbound calls directly from your mobile device. 

Staying connected on the go is extremely important. Make sure your patients feel heard and valued by responding to their calls even from your mobile phone. 

4. Your patients’ personal information is vulnerable. 

Being a dentist, you likely know that HIPAA requires that we protect our patient’s personal and health information. With an old phone system, this is more difficult and risky.

With an updated phone system, you can ensure that your patient’s information is secure. Mango Voice even offers a secure fax system where you can take a picture and send an attachment directly from your phone. They encrypt the submission and store the data in their secure cloud-based server. 

5. You don’t have access to important features. 

Your dental practice is likely slowed down by your old phone system. With new features like screen pop technology, call queues, weighted call distribution, a cloud management portal can make your job a lot easier.

Mango Voice offers all of these features plus many more. With Mango Voice screen pop technology, you can set up a feature where your patient’s information automatically pops up when they call so you don’t have to waste time looking for it. 

Are you ready to upgrade your phone system to Mango Voice?

Now that you know how upgrading your phone system can make your practice more productive, more efficient, and save money, what are you waiting for?

Mango Voice offers over 100 features and integrations that will help make your job easier. Check out your options today.