5 Ways to Get New Patients for Your Practice

It’s impossible for a practice to grow without getting new patients into the chair. And with so many practices around, it can be difficult to compete if you don’t have a plan. At Dental Hub 360, we work hard to help you improve every area of your practice. From dental practice forms to sourcing the best dental podcasts in the business, we’re committed to helping you succeed. 

Dental Hub 360’s Glenn Vo recently started a conversation about attracting patients in the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group, A practice owner had reached out to Glenn because he was struggling big time to find new patients. While Glenn offered his own direction to the doctor, he also opened it up to the Nifty Thrifty Facebook community to see what they recommend. Almost 200 comments later, here are five ways dental professionals recommended.

Make sure you are handling calls properly.

5 Ways to Get New Patients for Your Practice

Potential patients don’t always call during office hours. Have someone answer the phone at all hours. If a patient calls after your practice has closed for the day, and no one picks up, they might not call back again. They may schedule an appointment with a different dentist who picks up the phone.

Also, make sure team members are properly trained to convert calls into appointments. Are you looking to promote high-value procedures like dental implants? Your team must be trained to discuss financing opportunities, answer common questions, and make sure each caller feels welcome.

Market your services using proven dental marketing strategies.

Many practices find patients in bunches by networking with other businesses in their local area. Don’t be afraid to go door to door. Start with local businesses. Bring small goodies, such as like homemade baked goods. Introduce yourself. Be friendly. And set up a meeting with the HR rep. 

Have a simple brochure with your hours listed they can hand out to employees. You can even offer employees a discount. Take their names and phone numbers if they show interest and then follow up with them.

Other effective marketing strategies include Facebook ads, targeted Google search advertising, and using Facebook live videos to share the journey of your practice. Over time, people will become invested in your story and want to engage with you more.

Get involved in your community.

5 Ways to Get New Patients for Your Practice

Go to local events. Sponsor a high school football team or charity race. Participate in the church community and build relationships with people there. Do a free dental care day and show your patients that you care and show your community that your all about giving back.

Make giving back to your community a part of your practice, too. Participate in or sponsor a local charity event or race. Reach out to the local press about what you’re doing, too. They are frequently looking for feel-good local stories to share. 

Be open when other practices are closed.

Offer night and weekend hours. Advertise that you are open during non-traditional hours. Patients will be thrilled about the opportunity to come in after work instead of taking work off to get treatment.

As your practice grows, you could eventually transition back to traditional hours, although you do risk losing some of the patients who came to you because of the non-traditional hours.

Ask current patients for referrals.

5 Ways to Get New Patients for Your Practice

Offer patients incentives to give you referrals. For example, you could offer discounts to family members. Make it easy, too, such as by giving patients referral discount cards to hand out.

You can instantly boost referrals by offering team members incentives to ask for referrals. Have them put their initials on referral cards when they give them to a patient. Then, give them a small reward when someone comes in using their referral card. The reward could be something as simple as a small monetary bonus or something more thoughtful like a pedicure, manicure, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Are you ready to start getting more patients for your practice?

When you attract a steady flow of new patients to an efficiently-run practice, everyone wins. Patients win because they get top-quality dental care. And you and your team win because you get more work and reduce the risk of loss of revenue or employment. 

For more help getting new patients for your practice and more tips for getting new patients, join the conversation in the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group today!