6 Apps Every Dental Practice Needs

September 16, 2019 | 0

6 Apps Every Dental Practice Needs

With so many demands on dental practices, it can be hard to keep everything running organized and efficiently. Our teams need support and direction. We need to make sure tasks are being performed. Practice systems and processes need to be stored in a secure, central location where everyone can easily find them. The list goes on.

If practice owners tried to do all those things on own, there wouldn’t be time left in the day to treat patients. They could delegate all those tasks to leadership or team members within the practice but that can be expensive and inefficient. 

Fortunately, over the past several years, several pieces of software have been developed that make running a dental practice much easier, more efficiently, and profitably. Here are the six pieces of software every dental practice needs.

1. Asana 

6 Apps Every Dental Practice Needs

Asana is a simple and secure work management app that works on the computer and in mobile apps. We love Asana and use it as our top tool for keeping all our tasks on time and moving forward at Dental Hub 360. 

With Asana, you can quickly capture tasks, create to-do lists, manage auto-reminders, and store ideas. Your entire team can use Asana to collaborate, get support, keep tasks on time, and organize key documents. If you’ve had time ensuring tasks organized and move forward, Asana is the tool for you.

2. Voxer

6 Apps Every Dental Practice Needs

Voxer is one of our favorite apps at Dental Hub 360. It’s a free app that combines the best of live voice, text, photos, and videos into a powerful secure messaging tool. 

It allows you to make secure, real-time communication in one push-to-talk app that works with iPhone, Android, and even the web. We use it every day at Dental Hub 360 and in all our other businesses.

3. Zoom Cloud Meetings

6 Apps Every Dental Practice Needs

Zoom cloud meetings software allows you to stay connected wherever you go. It offers video conferencing, conference calls, webinars, and more. 

You can enjoy crystal-clear audio and video conferences, face-to-face video calls, high-quality screen sharing, instant messaging, teleconferences, and more. The best part is most features are completely free. 

4. Lucidchart

6 Apps Every Dental Practice Needs

Lucidchart is a visual workspace app that uses diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to help you accelerate understanding and drive innovation at your practice. 

You can use Lucidchart to create workflows, mindmaps, organizational charts, and more, so you can plan out all your systems, processes, marketing, and more.

5. Google Drive

6 Apps Every Dental Practice Needs

With Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place and ensure whoever needs access to files can. Google drive is a great collaboration tool when more than one person needs to work in or update a document, spreadsheet, or slideshow. It’s a simple, secure, and convenient way to make sure anyone on your team can access documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can log in, access, and update all your practice files.

6. Clickfunnels

6 Apps Every Dental Practice Needs

Clickfunnels is marketing software that allows you to easily build sequences of web pages, also known as sales and marketing funnels. You can use those marketing funnels to build your newsletter, nurture marketing leads, and more.

Using Clickfunnels’ drag-and-drop technology, you can create sales and marketing funnels that convert patient leads into actual patients without needing a full tech team.

Which apps do you use the most for your practice?

Have you evaluated the software you use in your practice lately? If not, chances are you can make your practice easier to run by doing so. Need a simple solution for keeping documents organized? Try Google Drive and Asana. Want an easy way to connect with your colleagues and others? Voxer, Asana, and Zoom serve all your collaboration and communication needs. Want to build sales and marketing funnels to nurture patient leads or add people to your newsletter? Clickfunnels can help.

What apps do you use most for your practice?