Being in the healthcare industry, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Dental offices aren’t typically known for their uniqueness so it’s important that dental practice owners put in the extra effort.

If you want your patients to rave about your practice, you’ll need to be extraordinary. Here are six ways you can make your practice stand out. 

1. Stay updated on the latest technology. 

Staying up to date on the latest technology for your office is essential to growth. You don’t want your office to seem dated, and you’ll be a lot more efficient and productive with the latest tech.

Look for new systems that can take over more than one job. For example, if your phone system doesn’t take care of your fax, your mobile business phone, and your desktop management, you should upgrade your phone system to Mango Voice. 

Mango Voice has endless integrations that will help you get rid of outdated tech like a fax machine. Not only will your office appear more organized and decluttered, but your whole dental team will become more productive.

2. Create a welcoming environment. 

The atmosphere of your office is one of the first impressions your patients get. Make sure that you are creating a welcoming and calming environment. 

What does your front desk look like? Does your decor represent your brand well? What do you hear when you enter your dental office? 

It isn’t a secret that a majority of patients get anxious when coming to see us. It makes a huge difference whether they are hearing interrupting phone calls and power tools, or ambient music when they come for their appointment. 

3. Show your patients you care.

If you want to stand out from other dental practices, you’ll need to show your patients you care about them. It isn’t enough to treat our patients, we need to go above and beyond to understand them and care for them.

If you know one of your patients is self-conscious about a chip in their tooth or overcrowding, go out of your way to present them with all of their options and the pros and cons of each.

If one of your patients is unsure if they can afford a procedure that they need, go the extra mile and come up with an attainable payment plan with them. Simple acts like this will show your patients how much you care and value their health, and this will help you stand out. 

4. Get involved outside of the office. 

If you want to be unique, getting involved outside of your office is a must. It isn’t enough to serve your patients well during their appointments. 

Make sure you are checking in on patients between visits and especially after any procedure or treatment. A unique sentiment you can adopt is sending flowers with an after-procedure care kit to your patient’s house. 

This will show your patients that your dental team is thinking of them and values their health and well-being.

5. Spend time on team building. 

Working on your dental team will not only benefit your practice’s productivity but will also create a noticeable dynamic in the office. Patients pick up on stressed-out hygienists and assistants that aren’t on the same page. 

Taking a little time every workday to discuss goals, plans, and any potential challenges can drastically improve efficiency and the overall morale of your practice. 

Ensuring your team is on the same page is essential to a successful practice. Consider investing in a phone system that allows you to have conference calls, ring groups, and on-the-go mobile calls and messaging for your business. 

6. Take time to work on your online presence. 

When you Google your practice’s name, what comes up? If you haven’t already verified your business with Google My Business, chances are some information is missing or doesn’t show up immediately. 

When patients are searching for you, they are likely looking for one of four things: your location, your hours, your contact information, or your services. Take the time to verify your practice with Google, and these important pieces of information will automatically show up when someone is searching for your dental practice.

Keeping your website up to date, professional, and up and running is extremely important. Some businesses forget to keep their sites updated and sometimes their URLs aren’t accurate or the information they provide is old and outdated. 

This can easily turn a potential patient away. Take the time to check on your website weekly and update it with new and relevant content. 

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

Implementing these six ways to make your dental practice unique will show your patients and potential new patients why they should choose you. 

Going above and beyond what’s expected of a dental practice will help you get more patients because your existing patients won't be able to stop raving about their experience.

If you are ready to invest in your dental practice to make you extraordinary, check out and see all of the latest integrations they have to offer.