Are Excuses Keeping you from Hitting your Goals?

October 14, 2019 | 0

Are Excuses Keeping you from Hitting your Goals?

Every dental professional we've come across since launching Dental Hub 360 has one thing in common: They want to make some part of their business or personal life better.

Some are looking to grow their dental practices. Others are looking to transition their careers. Others are happy in dentistry but dream of a better personal or family life. Many want to improve in more than one area.

That's why we work so hard to provide education, resources, and community support to the dental community. We want to help you achieve all your goals. We want to help you bust through all the obstacles standing between you and the life of your dreams. And one of the biggest obstacles of all is your mindset.

If you've struggled to achieve your goals, ask yourself whether your mindset is holding you back. Do you believe you can achieve your goals? Do you believe you have control over your future? Or, do you immediately see all the reasons you can't achieve your goals when you start thinking about them? If you're unsure, one of the best ways to find out is to think about how frequently you come up with excuses.

Look no further than our own Elijah Desmond's fitness journey for the impact of excuses on your future.

How Excuses Hold You Back

Are Excuses Keeping you from Hitting your Goals?

As Elijah puts it, he spent five years on a yo-yo-e-diet, with the “e” standing for “excuses.” He wanted to lose weight and get back into shape but let life on the road as a multi-company CEO lull him into poor fitness and nutrition habits.

He went from being fit with a six-pack and muscles to out of shape and unhappy with his physique. In his words, in seven years, he watched as his body slowly melted away. Having business success and a loving family helped him maintain confidence in himself but he did not like looking in the mirror.

His go-to excuse for letting himself go? It's too hard to be healthy while running around building businesses. When his travel decreased, he found other excuses and let himself go. Every day he made an excuse about why he wouldn't be able to get healthier and in better shape was a day he didn't eat better or exercise. Over time, those days pile up and you build the opposite of momentum. If your goal is weight loss and better health, like Elijah's, you gain weight and your health gets worse. If you want to grow in business, you end up stuck in place—at best—but fall behind your colleagues who continue to move forward. Your excuses keep you from doing the hard work it takes to achieve your goals. Meanwhile, people who don't make excuses do the work and pass you buy.

What Happens When You Ditch Your Excuses?

Are Excuses Keeping you from Hitting your Goals?

If you find yourself making excuse after excuse, you might be one mindset shift away from explosive growth. Elijah tells everyone he comes across to never give up. It took him hears to kick the excuses. Once he did, he built real momentum and his entire world changed. One at a time, more than 45 pounds melted away. And he experienced dramatic changes he had not expected when his shoes, rings, and even hats started fitting better. He even lost more than three inches in his neck. And recent bloodwork confirmed he's healthy in every are.

He felt better with every pound he lost and appreciates the journey of getting healthy. He's owning the journey as a lifelong mission and is no longer as focused on the actual destination of losing weight. He's just living a healthier lifestyle.

Even better, he's been enjoying renewed energy in confidence in his family life, too. One recent highlight was when his daughter asked him to dance with her at her back-to-school dance party. He was able to happily say yes and literally spun her around for an entire hour. That would not have happened if he had not ditched his excuses and get in better shape. Those moments continue to motivate him and push him forward in his journey. He knows his family needs him to be a strong and healthy husband and father. They need him to be around long term, healthy, and able to keep up with them. He's got more momentum than ever and will not let go.

Are you ready to ditch your excuses for good?

Are Excuses Keeping you from Hitting your Goals?

If you've struggled to achieve your business or professional goals, ask yourself whether you've let excuse-making hold you back. Have you been stuck on a “yo-yo-e-diet,” like Elijah was? If so, make the commitment to ditch your excuses and start building momentum toward achieving your goals.

If you don’t have a supportive community around you to help and support you, join Trapped in an Op, Nifty Thrifty Dentists, and Dental Hub 360 today. You’ll find thousands of people ready to support you!