Over the past several years, practices around the country have used targeted dental marketing strategies to grow their practices. From general patients to high-value implant patients, dental digital marketing can help you attract patients to your practice on auto-pilot.

Before you launch a dental marketing campaign, however, make sure you know what patients you want to attract. Make sure you go beyond the general treatment type of patient, too. Even specialized patients vary in need, timelines, budgets, and more.

Dental implant marketing is one area with substantial variance among patient types. This has created tremendous variance in implant marketing results, with some practices regularly attracting high-value implant patients and others struggling to convert their leads.

If you’ve struggled to attract the right patients to your implant marketing campaigns, you might be targeting the wrong type of implant patients. Here are four implant patient categories you can target to grow your dental implant practice.

Marketing to Single Tooth Replacement Patients

When practices just start growing their implant practice, many will start by placing single implants. If that’s you, make sure your marketing partner knows you want to focus your budget on single tooth patients.

This information will help your marketing partner target the right people. For example, single tooth replacement patients are often younger. They’re often missing a tooth because of trauma and are motivated to replace it in the shorter term. They need to get a replacement. 

Other single tooth patients have neglected their dentistry for a while. They might have put off getting a root canal and crown and now need an implant instead. These patients are not as motivated to get a replacement. They tend to put things off. Your marketing partner should know how to target them and what it takes to help you convert them to patients.

Marketing to Multiple Teeth Replacement Patients

Multiple teeth replacement patients have different needs and motivations than single tooth replacement patients. These patients often are looking to repair or replace existing dentistry, such as a bridge.

The good thing about these patients is they have already invested in dentistry in the past. But they want to get rid of the discomfort or other negative parts of bridges. Your marketing partner will use different targeting techniques and even advertising messages to attract these patients.

Marketing to Denture Relief Patients

Denture relief patients are high-value leads who are looking to escape the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience of dentures. They are sick of taking out their teeth to clean them. They are sick of the poor fit. And they’re sick of the poor function.

Like the multiple teeth patients, these patients have invested in dentistry in the past and are unhappy with the results. But their needs are different. Your dental marketing partner will understand how to target and attract these patients to your practice.

Marketing to Full-Arch Patients

Finally, if your practice is looking for the highest-ticket implant patients, you will likely want to target full-arch patients. These patients may have gone through years of drug use or neglect and need a combination of extractions and replacements to have a fresh start in life.

These patients’ timelines and needs vary substantially from other patients. They will have different questions and need different support. But they can bring in tens of thousands of dollars if your dental marketing partner can help you attract and convert them. Make sure your dental marketing company knows how to target and help you convert them if you want to attract these patients.

Are you marketing to the wrong dental implant patients?

Not all patients are equal. They have different needs, budgets, timelines, and criteria. That means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dental implant marketing. 

When forming a campaign, you need to communicate to your dental marketing partner exactly who your target audience is. Be specific so they know exactly who to target and what message to include.

If you want help, our preferred implant marketing company, Driven Dental Implant Marketing can help you target, attract, and even convert dental implant patients on auto-pilot. They even have a team of U.S.-based virtual patient advocates who help deliver only prequalified implant patients with financing in place to your practice.