VoIP technology has revolutionized the dental phone world. But did you know that not all VoIP is the same? It’s true. Much of the technology is the same. But not all VoIP dental phone companies are made equal.

One big and important difference between VoIP dental phone companies involves ownership of the underlying technology they are selling. Some VoIP dental phone companies own their technology. Others are resellers, selling another company’s services under their brand name.

Before investing in VoIP dental phones, it’s important to do your homework to make sure you get the best deal (and best service) possible. Here are three reasons that working with a company that owns the technology can make a big difference in your practice.

1. Response Time

When a company owns its own technology, customer service and technical support can happen much quicker. They can fix your issues without having to involve another company. 

This allows us to offer fast and reliable customer service whenever you may need it. You are working directly with the phone company, not a middle-man. You deserve quality service, up-front.

2. Faster Innovations and Integrations

When it comes down to it, people want the experience and a reliable system. Companies that don’t own their technology can’t control the innovations and integration timeline. They are only a “sales company.” The company that owns the technology controls innovations and integrations.

VoIP-owned companies, like our partner Mango Voice, are in much more control of innovations and integration. They can move faster and can incorporate your feedback into their improvement processes. Mango Voice, for example, includes several integrations that can make your practice run smoother and better, such as:

  • Screen Pops
  • Click-to-Call
  • Live Call Analytics 
  • Secure eFax
  • SMS Notifications
  • And More

They are constantly integrating customer feedback into their process and don’t have to wait for another company to make an improvement.

3. Lower Prices 

When you work with a sales company, you not only have to cover the costs and profits of the underlying technology, you also have to cover the costs and profits of the middle-man sales company.

That’s not the case with VoIP-owned dental phone companies. VoIP-owned dental phone companies can offer superior service at a more affordable price because you don’t have to pay any middleman company. 

Are you ready to upgrade to VoIP dental phones? 

While VoIP dental phones are the future of dentistry, not all VoIP phone companies are created equal. Just because you signed up for a VOIP phone system, doesn’t mean you will get all of the great features that your company needs to run efficiently. 

Our partner, Mango Voice, is our favorite dental phone company. A VoIP-owned company, you can rest assured you receive the best service and incredible improvements and integrations.