We don’t have to tell you how challenging the dental profession can be. From physical pain to sleep problems and mental health issues, the dental profession can be tough. When you’re going through challenges, how do you address them? Unfortunately, some people end up in even more dire straits. Patients are often in similar situations, too, dealing with dental pain, anxiety, and more.

In this article, we explore training by Dr. Albert Capati about how utilizing Help oil might help you and your patients deal with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. 

In Albert’s full training video from DentalHub360.com, he shares his thoughts on how utilizing CBD hemp oil in your practice could significantly reduce the amount of pain and anxiety medications that you prescribe. Here are three questions Albert suggests you might find answers by using CBD hemp oil to supplement more traditional treatments at your dental practice.

1. Can CBD help you get better sleep?

We all know that sleep apnea affects more than just a person’s sleep pattern. Being constantly interrupted by your breathing can cause stress, exhaustion, weight gain, and more. Dental professionals aren’t immune to the effects of sleep apnea, either. 

As a medical professional, it is vital to be informed of all of the possible treatments, including hemp oil. And while additional studies can and will be conducted, some research does suggest CBD could help treat sleep issues.

2. Can CBD help with anxiety? 

Like with sleep, studies suggest CBD could be an effective option for managing anxiety. Whether you are dealing with your anxiety or dental anxiety, CBD might be an effective option. 

Based on that data, instead of heavy anti-anxiety medication, CBD might be able to soothe patients' intense fears like needles or needing to be numbed. And it might be able to help dental professionals calm their anxiety, too.

3. Can CBD reduce pain and inflammation?

In addition to sleep and anxiety, studies have associated CBD with a reduction of pain and information.

Based on this data, CBD might be a useful alternative to heavy prescription drugs, for professionals to take or for people who avoid treatment because they do not want to take prescription pain medication.

4. Can CBD reduce stress for dentists, dental staff, and patients? 

According to a Gallup poll, eight out of ten Americans are affected by chronic stress. Stress can affect more than just your mental state, it can spike your blood pressure. It can give you unbearable headaches. It can do so much more. We all know that.

While everyone deals with stress in their own way, many turn to prescription medicines. But data suggests that CBD can help with stress and social anxiety, too.

Have you looked into whether CBD can help you or your patients?

If you or your patients struggle with sleep, anxiety, pain, inflammation, or stress, it might be time to look into whether CBD can help. Start by watching Dr. Albert Capati’s training video from DentalHub360 and let us know what you think in the Trapped in an Op and Dental Hub 360 Facebook groups.