4 Predictable Class II's in 30 minutes

Course Description
This CE webinar will discuss the foundation for creating predictable, fast, and profitable class II's using Circumferential Matrices (CMS). Key points that will be addressed include: saving chairtime, clinical predictability and removing complexity and the many moving parts of traditional sectional systems that are time consuming, technique sensitive, and cumbersome. The methods and materials that will be demonstrated are designed to help make Class II restorations on adults and children faster and easier, while maintaining anatomical integrity.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this CE webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the CMS works to make your class 2's quick and easy and predictable
  • Be comfortable with the CMS, and how to use up to 4 in one quadrant at a time
  • Implement the Mansour Matrix Method to create a systematic, repeatable, way to perform the class 2 procedure
  • Do 4 Class 2's from beginning to end in 30 minutes and come out looking like a Rockstar
  • Know how to choose which CMS band is for you (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange)

Author Bio
Dr Mansour is a strong believer in the power of our profession. He knows that dentistry can change the trajectory of a patient’s life. That’s why he is immensely passionate about continually learning, and helping others learn. He comes from a dental family, both his parents are dentists, and even his grandpa was a dentist!! Dr mansour received two Bachelors in biology and Neuroscience, a masters in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, his DDS (obviously), then went on to get his Diplomate in the ICOI, and his FAGD in one year!!!! He now leads, and mentors a multi group-multi location practice with 500 employees and 80 doctors across all specialties!!! Dr Mansour wants to teach his fellow dentists how to do dentistry in a fun, predictable way, that will leave patients happy and healthy. You can check out his practices at www.rodeodentaltexas.com

AGD Subject
250 Operative (restorative) Dentistry

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