The 5 Top Secrets to Case Acceptance

In this class, dentists and teams will learn often overlooked but vital skills that will lead to more case acceptance, regardless of practice style. These skills can be immediately implemented in your practice, regardless of your current level of clinical skill.

Course Objectives
1. Understand the “ABCs” of goal-setting and why it is important for your case acceptance. 2. Understand the importance of practice vision and what you are trying to accomplish before you ever present treatment to a patient.
3. Discover how to “emotionally sell” so you can simplify the case acceptance process.
4. Discover how a simple “stick person” diagram can lead to more case acceptance than anything else you have ever been taught any other program.

Author Bio
Dr. Steve Schluentz is the owner of Mountain Sky Dental, speaker, Dental Practice Freedom Radio podcast host, creator of Dental Sales Secrets, and CEO/Founder of Mountain Sky Coaching, a company that help dental practices achieves quantum leaps in their results. He is a certified consultant for Bob Proctor, the world’s #1 teacher on human growth and potential. He is recognized as one of the top Proctor Gallagher Institute’s consultants in the world.

AGD Subject
550 Practice Management and Human Relations


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