Course Description:

Suicide has become an epidemic in our country. As healthcare professionals we are required to act but do you know how or would you be too afraid? Education is key to recognizing the signs and symptoms of someone who may be depressed and contemplating suicide.

Course Objectives:

  • Bring awareness of the growing epidemic of suicide and mental illness
  • ​Educate healthcare providers in the dental industry on how to recognize and handle a potential situation without fear of violating HIPPA.

Author Bio:

I've been a hygienist for almost 5 years now. I have one son, and I am the oldest of 4 siblings. My brother committed suicide 2 years ago which started me on this journey of educating others on the subjects of mental illness and suicide. I hope by sharing my story I can help save a life. Even if one person is touched through my journey, it's worth it.

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