BEYOND STERILIZATION MONITORING – Translation from Benchtop to Practice

Course Description:
Monitoring of Autoclaves regularly is required in medicine and dentistry in all the 50 states. While the ‘sterilization time’ is prescribed based on each type of cycle, Spores, Chemical Indicators fall short of monitoring the complete cycle. This presentation addresses the science beyond clinical application and policy after recent advances in the science of sterilization monitoring.

Course Objectives:
– Understand the requirements in sterilization monitoring
– Question the science and policy behind sterilization monitoring based on recent advances in digital monitoring

Author Bio:
Raghunath (Ragu) Puttaiah is a Public Health Dentist and Tenured Professor. He was the first recipient of the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Infectious Disease Control in Dentistry. He is a researcher and a reviewer of federal grants and journals in dentistry. He has been a scientific resource for over 25 dental industries and a fellow of the ICD.