Course Description:

Gary Kadi was faced with, what seemed impossible, three -isms, 1. Alcoholism, 2. Workaholism, and 3. Autism. Join him in learning how he overcame not wanting to live yet not wanting to die

Course Objectives:

  • Be a leader in the office and at home
  • Leave people more confident and empowered with every interaction

Author Bio:

Gary Kadi: Recognizing the untapped potential for better-managed dental practices, Gary Kadi, founded NextLevel Practice and developed the Complete Health Business Model. NextLevel Practice has guided more than 6,000 dental practices through their step-by-step implementation of this model, resulting in over 7.5 million healthier patients, over $1 billion in increased collections, and thousands of extra, true vacation weeks. Instead of being focused on the patient’s chief complaint, NextLevel’s clients and their teams are focused on their patient’s whole-body health.

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