Course Description:

Do you love PPOs? Of course not! The low reimbursements coupled with the countless caveats that prevent you from getting paid make for low collections compared to the production. Let me however show you how to work with PPOs and they will be your best friends.

Course Objectives:

  • Determine how to maximize reimbursements from the PPO networks
  • ​Establish the appropriate checks for caveats on a patient's policy upfront so you can be confident of getting paid for the procedures you've planned

Author Bio:

Vivek Kinra is a computer engineer by degree and has held leadership positions in software development. By the virtue of being married to a dentist, he found himself running a dental practice when the front office staff left. After turning the practice into a $1MM+ practice, he started a consulting firm with a goal of training offices to be super profitable on PPOs. “PPO Profits” serves many clients and takes care of all insurance needs such as negotiating, insurance verification, claims processing, team training and coaching!


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