Bullying: Dentistry's insidious cancer

Course Description: 
A discussion to create an understanding of the primary types of bullying that exists in the dental industry and why it is so prevelent. Current thoughts regarding the psychology of workplace bullies will be presented along with their impact. Examples of how bullying affects the entire team, quality of patient care, and the bottom line will be reviewed.

Course Objectives:
– Identify how bullying affects patient care.
– Identify 2 primary types of bullying

Author Bio:
Sue began her career in the dental field in 1983 when she joined the United States Navy as a Dental Technician. During her 20 year Naval career, she assisted in all phases of dentistry, managed several large Naval Dental Centers, and completed her dental hygiene degree. Upon retiring, Sue began practicing dental hygiene and continues to practice part-time today in Wilmington, North Carolina. She is currently enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she is working on obtaining Health Coach Certification. Sue is passionate about helping other achieve mental and physical well-being and is excited to be on this journey.