CBD Hemp Oil in Dentistry: How to Kick the Prescription Medication Addiction

Course Description:
Hundreds of thousands of people have recently started using Cannabidiol (CBD) oil from the hemp plant to help their bodies deal with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Since I started using it in my general dental practice, I have significantly reduced the amount of pain and anxiety medications that I prescribe. Learn why this is the perfect supplement to stock at your dental practice.

Course Objectives:
– Learn about the endocannabinoid system and the therapeutic effects of CBD hemp oil
– Learn how to start using CBD hemp oil in your dental practice

Author Bio:
Albert Capati, DMD is a graduate of Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine. He has been in private practice in Springfield, IL since 2003. He also treats sleep apnea and TMD at The Koala Center for Sleep Disorders also in Springfield. He started using hemp oil personally in 2017 to help his sleep and found that it also helped with his anxiety, blood pressure, weight loss, and wound healing. He moderates the Facebook group: Hemp Oil in Dentistry. In his spare time he sings in the wedding band, Fun DMC.