Coffey Talk Interdisciplinary Communication The Medical/Dental Connection

Course Description:
This course will provide an overview of the medical history and the dental history patient interview process while establishing clear and precise standards of care for interdisciplinary harmonious healthcare. Implementing dentally coded medical procedures aimed at the over all health of the patient and communication with medical professionals will enhance the successful treatment of medical diseases with a dental solution.

Course Objectives:
– Establish your clinical preferences and standards of care
– Access your local medical professionals
– Synchronize your team and referral templates
– Yes to change, yes to harmonious health

Author Bio:
As a third generation dental professional, Hannah Coffey’s career in dentistry has spanned four decades. Hannah began as a Certified Dental Assistant in the Boston area before becoming licensed to practice dental hygiene, which she did until 2010. She then moved on to prominent administrative roles that allowed her to work with teams throughout the country, rounding out her incredible background. Her expertise and programs give dental teams the ability to improve proficiency, economies of scale and the mastery of patient care focusing on total body health, all while minimizing practice liability. As a Dental Speaker and Adviser, Hannah shares her experience, knowledge, and passion for dentistry and the general health of each patient.