Dentistry with Team Dynamics

Course Description:
The world is always stating “team this” and “team that”, but do you really understand and embrace the concept of Team Dynamics? A team consists of different personalities combined for the purpose of completing a goal. We are all individuals that have something to bring to the team, it is how we also receive what is brought forth that completes the Team. “One bad apple CAN spoil the whole thing”!

Course Objectives:
– After this course everyone should be able to recognize their purpose on the team, be able to identify their level of leadership and become a more positive thinker as well as leader.
– The audience will be able to face their fear and no longer allow that mindset to hold them captive. Fear is a liar! Perseverance is the key to a more productive life inside and outside of the working environment.

Author Bio:
Kammi graduated in 1984 from Wichita State University, with a AS degree in Dental Hygiene, followed by BS health science degree thirty years later from Missouri Southern State University. She has spent her entire career in clinical settings working full time. In the past ten years, she has been actively serving in a public health setting with Missouri Ozarks Community Health which is a Federally qualified healthcare center located in Ava, Missouri. Kammi’s experience has allowed her to gain access to many facets of team dynamics, she is determined to change your perspective of the dental team, changing the attitude from dull and monotonous to fun and productive.