Dr. Brett Murphey

Course Description

An interview with Dr. Brett Murphey by Dr. Glenn Vo.

Dr. Brett Murphey from Dental Hub 360 Info on Vimeo.

Author Bio:

Dr. Brett Murphey is a practicing Dentist and owner of three successful practices in Texas.  These start-up practices are largely out-of-network with insurance and produce over five million dollars annually.  He has been able to achieve these practice goals by building great teams surrounded by solid culture, stewardship, and self-sufficiency.

Dr. Murphey has put himself in a position to give back to his community.  He has participated in a Dental Mission Trip to Guatemala for the past 17 years and routinely gives back to student based Christian ministries.

Dr. Brett Murphey continues to mentor Dentists across the country and provide valuable advice on Dental Facebook groups.