Course Description:

From refining your leadership approach to creating fail-safe strategies for practice excellence, Dr. Hanlon leads participants in a deep dive to uncover the strategies, systems and mindset for success. Gain an insider's look into how human resource systems, C-suite wisdom and best practices, as well as various business tools can be leveraged for immediate results. In this lively session, participants will sharpen their leadership qualities and business acumen empowering them to step fully into their roles of CEO of not only their practice, but of their lives!

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the key questions to ask to identify your inner purpose and how it relates to your business
  • ​Uncover the fundamental roles emotional intelligence, creativity, endurance, and high standards play in daily leadership

Author Bio:

Dr. MaryJane Hanlon has an extensive and varied background in the field of dentistry. Since selling her practice, she has “retired” into academia where her passion for teaching young dentists the business side of dentistry has fueled her career. Currently, she is the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs for TUSDM.

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