Effective Steps to Hiring the Very Best Employees

Course Description
No matter what position you’re hiring for, the process is a huge headache. When trying to find a new employee, there is this idea that we have to find someone that knows our software, dental codes, understands teeth, and has a good personality. That’s a tall order and we often feel like we have to settle for someone with dental experience. When it comes to building a team of rock star employees, there is one thing will either harm or help your hiring process: how you prioritize dental experience. My mantra is “Dental is teachable, but personality is not”.

Course Objectives
In this course we’re breaking down the steps to help you hire the very best employees for your office:

  • How to create an job post that attracts the right candidates
  • How to interview for your position
  • How to include your current staff on the hiring process
  • What key indicators to look for in applicants.

Author Bio
Laura Hatch helps dental professionals who want to be better at what they do, gain the training they need. With a bachelor’s in human resources and a master’s in organizational development, she’s the leading authority on dental front office training. Laura Hatch has committed years of study to learning how to manage and empower team members, and developed practical customer service training that can be easily implemented into any office.

AGD Subject
550 Practice Management and Human Relations



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