Course Description:

As healthcare providers we give a lot of ourselves to others and after a while it can really take its toll. This causes significant provider burnout that makes us feel trapped in the mundane day to day. However, this does have to be your reality and you can choose a better path!

Course Objectives:

  • Identify elements leading to provider burnout
  • Summarize the main point on how to reignite passion and clarity in your career

Author Bio:

Brittany Cox: Brittany is a practicing dental hygienist. After just 4 years the mental and physical toll of the career became depressing and caused significant anxiety and mental distress. During her time in treatment she realized the possibility that others might feel the same and shared her story. She now aids in the success of a hygiene department in a well-established general dental office and works in sales and marketing a for an oral healthcare company.

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