Course Description:

Implementing an in house membership program is for a lot of Dentists a scary idea. Why work for reduced fees, that's what they already do for the insurance companies? Are people really going to pay their monthly fees? Is it legal? This course will give an answer to all this questions and much more. If implemented well, an in house membership program will increase your revenue from private patients and your practice members will become your biggest referral source.

Course Objectives:

  • Establish how to attract new private patients
  • Uncover mistakes dentists make when implementing an in house membership program

Author Bio:

Rivka Markel was born in Belgium and came to the United States when she fell in love with a pediatric dentist from New York. Rivka has a health and nutrition degree from the University of Leuven, Belgium. She has worked in healthcare management and education for over 30 years. Rivka is very passionate about helping people without dental insurance get the care they need, and helping dentists getting away from insurance dependency, one patient and one doctor at a time.

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