Kindness: Its relevance and place in our personal and professional lives

Course Description:
Mark Twain stated that “Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” But what exactly is kindness and what differentiates it from compassion? Being put most simply, kindness can be a simple act or gesture such as a smile, while compassion might suggest a better understanding of the specific needs of a person. How and why is this relevant to dentistry? Acts of kindness and compassion can not only allay dental fear but can literally affect the brains of both those giving and receiving such acts. This results in reversing negative psychological trauma leaving us with happier dental patients and greater satisfaction in our professional roles.

Course Objectives:
– To validate the importance of kindness & compassion.
– To affirm its relevance in our profession.

Author Bio:
Stephanie Baker is a Registered Dental Hygienist, mentor, volunteer and speaker. Stephanie believes investing in others and giving back is imperative to leaving a positive impact in our world and essential to personal happiness. Stephanie has logged thousands of hours of volunteerism both within her profession and beyond: From Dental health screenings and sealant placement for indigent children to mentoring young adults in crisis situations. Stephanie earned her Dental Hygiene degree from Eastern Florida State College and has 20 years of active clinical experience.