Scaling a Multi-Doctor & Location Private Group

Course Description
This course will dig deep into the core strategies that the most successful practices in the US have used in a wide variety of dental transitions. From a solo practice ready to add another dentist to the successful private group practice desiting to add multiple locations. Key strategies are explored giving a clear roadmap to your ideal future in dentistry.

Course Objectives
1. Discover and clarify the strategic plan for the growth of your practice(s).
2. Understand how to create multiple streams of income, to include your DDSO. Examples: Dental Lab, In-House Dental Savings/Membership Plan, Commercial Real Estate
3. Know the top 7 techniques to find value-added acquisition practices.
4. Learn the best dentist compensation formulas to reward and motivate incoming dentists in the practice.
5. Learn the delegation principles necessary to reduce management burden as the practice(s) grows rather than increase the burden.

Author Bio
Dr. Frank Is an international clinical and business lecturer, inventor and founder of multiple companies in the dental space.  He has owned multiple private dentist-owned groups (DDSOs) since 2001 when he graduated from Marquette Dental School.  He is a founding member of the DDSO Alliance and may be reached at

AGD Subject
550 Practice Management and Human Relations



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