Medical Billing for Dentists? Sink or Swim

Course Description:
Have you ever wondered about the complex world of medical insurance and claims? How does a dental dental office get reimbursed from a medical insurance company? Which procedures can be submitted? And why? What happens with accident cases? And, what about workers compensation cases? Is special software required? There is definitely a method to the madness. It can be a tough job, but there are proven tricks and best practices which make the processes easier than they appear. Join me for an overview of medical claims in the dental office.

Course Objectives:
– Learn the basics about medical insurance and how the claims process differs from that of dental insurance.
– Understand which cases are optimal for significant reimbursement.
– Determine next steps to facilitate submitting dental claims in your dental office.

Author Bio:
DeVon Banks is CEO of D-TECH, a successful billing and claims company based in Maryland that has worked with hundreds of dental offices across the country since 1998. DeVon is an industry expert in insurance and revenue cycle management, and Dentrix. She leads a robust team of billing professionals and is a board member of Special Care Special Needs. Her passions include making dental offices successful, dancing, sports and travel.