Memories are worth fighting for-The Global Epidemic of Alzheimer’s

Course Description:
I will share current data and research combined with hopeful prevention strategies and implore my audience, who are the potential heroes of this story, to perhaps take small steps forward to make an enormous difference in Alzheimer’s Disease. Primary prevention has always been the best way to tackle disease.

Course Objectives:
– Provide a general description of and projected scope of the disease -Alzheimer’s
– Learn risk factors, prevention tools and responsibility for this disease.

Author Bio:
Anne Rice has been a clinical dental hygienist for almost 3 decades and is the owner of Oral Systemic Seminars. In 2017 she completed Dr’s Brad Bale and Amy Doneen’s Preceptorship course which provides training to health care provider’s in advanced CVD detection techniques including the critical role of oral health. She has recently finished a BS program in oral health promotion and is focusing her studies to Alzheimer prevention. Anne resides in Conroe, Texas with her husband and son.