Course Development:
As dental providers we often find ourselves giving more to others than to ourselves. This talk is designed to help us learn when to shift our focus away from caregiving over to learning to care for ourselves. We will discuss a wide array of solutions that work for many practitioners in dealing with burnout and how you can prevent or resolve this phenomenon in your own career.

Course Objectives:
– Recognize signs of burnout in clinical practice
– Learn to implement strategies to improve or maintain mental and physical well-being for long term career sucess.

Author Bio:
Bri found a love of dentistry at a young age while living in an area with little access to dental care. She received several periodontal, orthodontic and oral surgery procedures by age 10 and her interest in providing dental care was born. She started out as a dental assistant, is a registered dental hygienist and has managed a periodontal practice along with helping start up a mobile dental practice. She enjoys writing, speaking, coaching and innovating. She is a follower of Jesus and her faith is a big part of her life. She lives in Kansas with her husband and 5 children and she strives to spend as much time as possible with them.