Course Description:

The daughter of a dentist shares her unique perspective witnessing the trials and tribulations of the dental industry. Covering the burdens of debt, family, body pain, mental fatigue, patient overload and staff tensions, Becky will teach how to seamlessly integrate yogic practices into the dental office. This course is about learning to live your best life so you can put smiles on people's faces, including your own.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand why the dental industry is plagued with injury and suicide
  • ​Learn practical ways in your daily operations to undo and prevent injuries and live your best life as a dental practitioner

Author Bio:

Becky Hammel, founder of Most Contagious Smile, helps those in the dental industry put more smiles in the world through teaching self-care and injury prevention. Becky homeschools her three children. Becky is a yoga teacher, an herbalism practitioner & life coach. Lover of chocolate, golf and the arts.

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