Course Description:

Many people have abnormal sores in their mouths with the great majority being noncancerous, making our screening techniques even more important. Any person with a history of tobacco and alcohol use or prior head and neck malignancy has a significant risk of developing an oral, head and neck cancer. You will be able to teach patients reasons why they suffer from radiation induced xerostomia, intra-oral problems associated with it, and management options available to make your patients more comfortable managing their symptoms.

Course Objectives:

  • Know how to proactively screen for oral cancers
  • Discuss management options for educating cancer patients and improving their quality of life

Author Bio:

As The Executive Director of The Global Oral Cancer Forum, Shannon helps promote the changes required for a substantial impact on incidence, morbidity, and mortality of oral cancer worldwide educating health professionals globally. Shannon graduated from The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. She’s authored articles in RDH, JPH, In Focus and Dimensions of Dental Hygiene and is a Key Opinion Leader for several companies, publications and associations and an ambassador with The Oral Cancer Foundation.

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